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Tent Solutions

High peak tents.

These can be arranged to achieve an appealing setup to the eye, yet functional for the need at hand. The following sizes suffice:

  • 17’’*34’’ ft. ideal for 100 pax theater/cinema style or 60 pax restaurant/dinner. Many can be joined together to achieve whatever number one desires to accommodate.
  • 17’’*17’’ ft. ideal for 50 pax theater/cinema style or 30 pax restaurant dinner. Can be interfused with the one above to achieve any desired arrangement.
  • 15’’*15’’ ft. Normally used as food tent. It can also sit 40 guests under theater style
  • 11’’*11’’ ft. Ideal for use as gift or PA tent. Can also fit 20 guests under a cinema arrangement.
  • 7’’*7’’ ft. Used as a cake gazebo

Canopies:Seraphic Events Management Canopies

This type of tent has a flat top where a linen is attached to give at least 50% shade. It has beautiful artistic metallic floral attachments giving it a very distinctive and elegant look. Linen and floral decoration are preferred. The following sizes are available.

  • 17’’*17’’ ft. Ideal for vowing ceremonies where you have a garden setup. It sits 50 guest and can be used with our lawn chairs or Chiavari. Under a reception, several can be joined to attain a very elegant setup
  • 11’’*11’’ Ideal for use as gift or PA tent.

Hexagon/Alpine tents:Seraphic Events Management Hexagon Tent for Weddings & Events

These are six sided tents with each side measuring 6 meters. They come in white with aluminum poles. The hexagon can be set up as a dome joined together using gutters with a clear roof sectioned hexagon at the centre to bring in some light.

Deluxe marquee tents

These are produced to compliment the Hexagon/Alpine tents above. Made of the same materials all through and to measure. The following dimensions are available:

  • 20’’*20” ft. Ideal for connecting to the dome structure achieved above to create a bridal party area for example. Can also be used as standalone pavilion for catering, service, etc.
  • 13’’*13”” ft.
  • 10’’*10’’ ft.

Domes:Seraphic Events Management Dome Tents for Weddings & Events

This comes with a 30 meter (Breadth) by 20 meters (Length). However, this can be extended to any length by adding additional units measuring 30 meters breadth by 10 meters length.

Stretch tents:

Stretch tents comes in dimensions that can be set up to fit 100 guests under a dinner setup.

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